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Screened Soil Suppliers in Nottingham

In addition to our general purpose topsoil, we also offer screened soil.

While our standard, multipurpose topsoil has been carefully screened to remove foreign objects such as roots and stones, our screened soil has travelled through a specifically sized mesh to create a desired consistency.

There’s a range of particle sizes to choose from, but generally speaking, consistent particle sizes allows for water and nutrients to flow naturally and evenly through the soil, creating an overall healthier and higher quality growing space.

Our screened soil is ideal for use in:

• Extensive turfing

• Large scale landscaping projects

• Parks, sport fields, and other open spaces

• Golf courses

Screened soil is also perfectly suited for more specific uses. For example, when tilled with natural topsoil, screened soil allows for plants’ roots to grow to a greater depth. This means that, if used to plant fruit trees and other large plants, the strategic use of screened soil can ensure a healthier and more fruitful growth.

For a free quote on how much screened soil you’ll need for your landscaping or agricultural project, get in touch and let us know your requirements in terms on length, width, and depth.

Contact our screened soil sales team on 0115 940 1302.


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