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Pipe bedding consists of a 20mm recycled hardcore made from crushed brick that’s been thoroughly screened to remove undesirable dust and fines. The result is a high quality aggregate that offers excellent drainage properties, making it perfect for use as pipe bedding.

The correct aggregate is crucial to safe and effective pipe bedding. Obviously it’s vital that the aggregate offers superior drainage properties, but it’s equally as important, if not more so, that the pipe bedding is able to provide an even distribution of support to the pipe.

Because our pipe bedding has been carefully screened for dust and fines, it provides the level of compaction necessary to support overlying earth loads not just underneath the pipe, but also to the sides. This means that there’s no risk that the pipe will become deflected or damaged, which greatly reduces the risk of leakage occurring at the pipe joints.

Our 20mm recycled hardcore is ideal for use as a base aggregate where fines are not required, and for pipe bedding at depths of up to 400mm.

If you’re not sure as to which aggregate is suitable for your pipe bedding requirements, get in touch for a free quote. Just let us know your requirements – trench depth, trench length, and the nature and function of your pipe – and we’ll recommend a solution for you.


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