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MOT Type 1 is one of the most popular and versatile of all recycled aggregates. It’s angular, well graded, and once compacted, it becomes hard and sturdy while providing excellent drainage properties.

It’s these qualities that make MOT Type 1 perfectly suited for foundation use on construction projects of all scales. It’s also the most commonly used granular sub base for the building of high traffic areas such as roads, paths, and patios. As the Type 1 specification indicates, it meets all the relevant Department of Transport Specifications for Highway Works.

MOT Type 1 is usually made up of a hard stone such as granite or limestone, though it can also contain crushed concrete, or a combination of the two. It generally consists of particle sizes ranging from 40mm to dust, which is why it’s so easy to compact, and why it offers such excellent load-bearing qualities.

Common uses for MOT type 1 include: 

• Road and highway construction

• Patios

• Carparks

• Driveways

In short, if your project requires a firm sub-base, you need MOT Type 1.

For a free quote on how much MOT Type 1 you’ll need for your project, get in touch and let us know your requirements in terms on length, width, and depth.


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