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Sometimes referred to as Crusher Run, 6F2 is a by-product of demolition work, consisting of crushed brick and concrete with particle sizes ranging from 125mm to dust. This is a general purpose bulk fill aggregate that’s also effective when used as a capping layer for haul roads.

Because it’s composed of surplus material from construction work, 6F2 is an efficient and environmentally friendly aggregate. It’s either partially or wholly recycled, which significantly reduces the need for freshly quarried aggregates while also minimising the environmental impact associated with extracting and processing quarried materials.

With its coarse nature, 6F2 is a great all-rounder that, once compacted, forms a hard-wearing surface. While this is effective enough in itself, some civil engineering projects are governed by strict government regulations. In these cases, 6F2 can also be used as a sturdy base layer of hardcore before being topped with a layer of MOT Type 1.

6F2 is cost-effective, supremely versatile and ideally suited for:

• Haul roads

• Sub bases

• Pathway, driveway and patio sub-bases

• Piling mats

For a free quote on how much 6F2 you’ll need for your project, get in touch and let us know your requirements in terms on length, width, and depth.

Contact our 6F2 sales team on 0115 940 1302.


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