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Recycled Aggregates in Nottingham

Toton Aggregates has a proved track record for producing high-quality recycled aggregates from our purpose built sites. These are made in accordance with WRAP’s quality protocol, honouring strong environmental and sustainability credentials. We only source quality inert waste arising from construction, demolition and highway maintenance projects as feedstock for our recycled aggregates. 

Using high-quality recycled aggregates reduces the need for deep-quarrying and is much better for the environment. All our aggregates adhere to strict WRAP guidelines and are tested regularly and accredited to prove this. 

Our sites in Nottingham and Leicester are built for convenience – they provide a one-stop-shop for the tipping of inert waste and collection of quality recycled aggregates. This creates transport and time efficiencies as we as being cost effective and carbon saving. 

In addition to high-quality recycled aggregates, Toton Aggregates also supplies primary sourced aggregates. 

Wesley Street
Leicester LE4 5PZ

Enviro Building
Private Road 4
Colwick Industrial Estate
Nottingham NG4 2JT

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